Josephine Pryde

* 1967 in Alnwick, GB, lives and works in Berlin and London

How to view an exhibition from a seat on the carriage of a miniature train? The New Media Express  is a five-inch gauge model of a full-size train, complete with graffiti added by artists unknown. The train tracks run parallel to a series of artworks mounted on the wall. Since 2014 Josephine Pryde has been macro-photographing hands—hands in contact with the chest to which they belong, with touch sensitive lamps, with tablets, with telephones, with gifts from her art dealers, with driftwood. She is interested in magnifying the point of contact between the hand and these various sorts of transmitters. How do the hand and device fuse? How to locate this new fusion?

List of works

The New Media Express, 2014

Electrical components, batteries, powder-coated steel, paint, MDF, vinyl
Courtesy Josephine Pryde; Simon Lee Gallery, London/Hong Kong; Galerie Neu, Berlin

Hands „Für mich“, 2014–16

C-type prints, Glicée prints
Courtesy Josephine Pryde; Galerie Neu, Berlin
Commissioned and coproduced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
With the support of Galerie Neu, Berlin; The Henry Moore Foundation