Christopher Kulendran Thomas

* 1979 in London, lives and works in London

How might citizenship be reconceived in an age of technologically accelerated dislocation? New Eelam  introduces a startup founded by the artist to develop a flexible, global housing subscription that is based on collective ownership. It takes its point of departure from the unrealized possibilities of “Eelam,” the defeated Tamil Sri Lankan homeland that was wiped out in 2009 following a failed neo-Marxist struggle for self-governance. Reimagined here beyond national borders, New Eelam  is an alternative proposal for how a new economic system could evolve, without friction, out of the present one—through the luxury of communalism rather than private property. The venture is represented here by an experience suite decorated by artworks that incorporate and reconfigure original works of art purchased in Sri Lanka’s recent “peacetime” contemporary art boom. The suite also features New Eelam’s speculative promotional film, which asks: How might a state be constituted in corporate form? And how could a brand communicate as an artist?

List of works

New Eelam, 2016

Mixed media
Developed in collaboration with Annika Kuhlmann
Film Production Klein and West, Mark Reynolds
Design Manuel Bürger, Jan Gieseking
Architecture Martti Kalliala
Production Design Marcelo Alves
Biosphere Matteo Greco
Creative Director Annika Kuhlmann
Courtesy Christopher Kulendran Thomas; New Galerie, Paris
Commissioned and coproduced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
With the support of Noirmont Art Production, Paris
Thanks to REC Bauelemente, GIRLOON