* 1983 in Chongqing, CN, lives and works in Beijing

Drawn from the endless global supply of products and images that are available with a few clicks over the internet, GUAN Xiao’s sculptural work melds commodity fragments—stacked car tires, fake flowers—into associative, totem-like assemblages. GUAN presents four material collages that combine readymade objects with more traditional sculptural material such as painted bronze or brass. Bought things dragged-and-dropped from the flatness of merchandising websites into real space meet natural formations. The results look like compositions alluding to alien life forms while suggesting the animism of everyday objects—human waste management turned into an impossibly fertile ground for a post-natural future.

List of works

Din Din Jaarhh, 2016

Brass, stainless steel wheel, colored flax rope; Collection Oehmen

Five Walks Through the Dusk, 2015

Brass, car wheels, selfie stick, tassel
Courtesy Antenna Space, Shanghai

Moving Mountains, 2014

Colored bronze, colored hats, wooden base
Private collection

Sunrise, 2015

Car tires, artificial plants, exhaust pipes, lightbox
Courtesy GUAN Xiao; Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin